Professional Development

Conferences / In-Service Days / Staff Training

Create a buzz at your next conference, staff training, or in-service day that people will be thinking, talking, and tweeting about for weeks. Juggling and other skill toys make tangible the playful learning environment that you want to create. Remind your team why they come to work every day.

Motivational Speaking

Nationally touring performer Paul Miller and award-winning educator and author Dawn Daria motivate, entertain, and inform audiences with comedy juggling, improvisational antics, relevant research, and interactive engagement. Memories of hilarious, one-of-a-kind moments created with volunteers both on-stage and off will remain long after the last round of applause. Woven throughout the presentation are powerful messages related to personal and professional growth, well-being, and creating a culture of success.

Interactive Workshops

Engaging breakout sessions combine hands-on experiential learning with personal reflection to address themes such as teamwork, leadership, stress, and well-being. Dynamic, energizing, and impactful learning experiences are customized for each client and conference theme.

Invigoration Stations

Put down the phone and play! Reinvigorate minds, bodies, and personal connections between sessions, after lunch, or during receptions with our unique tools. We bring a table full of colorful skill toys, offer basic instruction, and attendees take care of the rest! Laughter, spontaneous celebrations, and informal conversations are the perfect way to create an atmosphere of playful learning for your event.

Client: Professional Camp Association Conference

Challenge: Engage 250 attendees representing a variety of positions, geographic regions, and experience levels and create fresh energy for the event.
Strategy: Conference package including closing keynote, educational breakout sessions, and invigoration station.
Impact: "We love Paul and Dawn. They were fun, engaging, inspirational, and gave each participant something they could take with them. Our conference attendees left our closing keynote refreshed and smiling!" - Conference Co-Chair

Client: Professional Youth Justice Association

Challenge: Energetic closing keynote for 250 juvenile justice professionals focusing on making time, creating space, and discovering tools to play and replenish for themselves and the youth they serve.
Impact: "Those of us working with justice-involved youth take our work very seriously. As a result, it’s easy for us to forget about the importance and value of play and laughter, both for the youth we serve and ourselves. Paul and Dawn reminded us that play can help us reach and engage with youth using tools as simple as music, balloons and juggling balls. What a great way to help youth discover the ability to do something well and to have fun in the process!" - Youth Professional

Client: Public University in Northeastern U.S.

Challenge: Professor wanted a presentation on creating engaging educational content for pre-service education class.
Strategy: Keynote for 50 students focusing on creating a culture of success in the classroom.
Impact: "Flow Circus's high energy presentation was exactly what my juniors in college needed as they prepare for the teaching profession. The message was clear - engage and educate in order to motivate. The students we laughing and participating.... Exactly what they need to be doing when they teach children. It was a fantastic model for lesson delivery that meshed high level content. As their professor I know their message made an impact. " - Professor

A partial list of past conferences includes:

National Partnership for Juvenile Services Symposium, American Camp Association Conferences, YMCA Camps Conferences, North Carolina Foster and Adoptive Parent Association Annual Education Conference, North Carolina State of the Arts Conference, North Carolina Council for Social Studies Annual Conference, New York Library Association Conference, Pennsylvania Library Association Annual Conference, Fail Fest Raleigh, CED Tech Venture Conference, Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators, NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

Veni. Vidi. Lusi.

I came. I saw. I played.