Teen Programs

Staff Training / Skill Toy Kits / Support Materials

Provide tweens and teens in your library system, summer camp, or after school program with the opportunity to unplug and slow down long enough to discover important lessons about themselves, their learning process, and how to approach stress in a healthy way. Flow Circus' sustainable skill toy programs combine educator training with supplemental tools to create a novel way to engage your teens throughout the summer and school year.


Half or full-day trainings focus on increasing comfort with the tools, understanding current research on the teen brain and social development, and implementation of tween/teen programs. Educators may not be masters at the skill toys by the end of the session, but they will learn how to create a culture of success that motivates teens to practice, fail, and try again.

Skill Toy Kits

A carefully curated selection of skill toys from around the world includes flower sticks, kendama, yo yo, and more. Some require precision while others lend themselves to creative play. All can be used individually or in groups, on stage or for competition, and indoors or out. Most importantly, they are all hands-on and thumbs-free getting teens up and moving in a novel, social, clique-neutral way.

Programming Support Materials

Instructional videos and programming materials are based on more than 10 years of running skill toy workshops at Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, private camps, and public libraries. The materials support educators as they put training into practice and develop sustainable, dynamic programming for their communities.

Client: A Boys & Girls Club affiliated camp in Southeastern U.S.

Challenge: Implement a sustainable program for a high school leadership program in which teens from a major metropolitan area visit camp once a month for a leadership-in-training weekend. The skills they learn need to be applicable to their roles as counselors during summer camp.
Strategy: Full-day team building for approximately 20 teens using juggling and skill toys to address the leadership theme. Combine with Juggling and Skill Toy Kits for continued practice during retreats and program implementation during the summer.
Impact: "I can attest to the powerful impact Paul and Dawn had on our teen leadership program. It was a great learning experience for them to practice skills in the abstract and professional fields, while playing with cool skills toys. Highly recommended!" - Camp Director

Client: State library system in the Southeastern U.S.

Challenge: Provide a new programming option for tween and teen librarians statewide.
Strategy: Full-day training for 40 teen librarians focused on skill toy program implementation, teen social and brain development, and creating a culture of success. Combine with Skill Toy Kits for libraries to share and a follow-up webinar.
Impact: "I think the biggest benefit to incorporating skill toys into young adult program is that is offers a common platform for students of all backgrounds to work together to achieve a common goal. While they do try to accomplish an individual goal, they encourage and help one another along the way. I have a kit on my wish list of 2016 purchases. Every product is well made and I know my students will enjoy them for many years to come.." - Workshop Attendee

Some of the ways librarians implemented their training and used skill toys to engage teens:

Past teen program partners include:

South Carolina State Library - Columbia, SC, Wake Forest Boys and Girls Club - Wake Forest, NC, YMCA Camp Kanata - Wake Forest, NC, State Library of Pennsylvania - Harrisburg, PA, Camp Kiwanis - Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, Franklin Academy - Wake Forest, NC, YMCA Camp Cheerio - High Point, NC, Cary Academy - Cary, NC, YMCA Camp Hazen - Chester, CT, Montgomery County - Norristown Library - Norristown, PA, Rowan County Public Library - Salisbury, NC, Morrison YMCA - Charlotte, NC and more.

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